Kids Corner! 

Our 'Kids Corner' is a fantastic opportunity to watch your child's imagination grow, whilst learning and having fun! 

This page provides enjoyable activities for all ages  such as colouring, crafts and puzzles. We also have storytelling from our very own bubbly pixie, 'Betty Bumble'  and  w e will soon be introducing a 'Crystal Club'  for children who are interested  in learning the properties of a crystal and how to use them. 


Can you create your own fairy? 

Click and print the image on the right  and you can create your very own fairy!

Don't forget to make their wings big, bright and colourful and give your fairy a magical name. 

When you are finished, why not send us a photo of your fairy on our facebook pages 





How Many Words Can You Find? 

Click and Print the word searches below and see how many words you can find! Why not let someone time you to see how fast you can complete it? 


                                          Have Fun! 


Hello everyone! My name is Betty Bumble and I am Suzie's Pixie friend!

If I'm not playing in the garden, I love to tell lots of stories for you all! 

You can listen to a few stories on the links below and I am always up to suggestions of the magical tales you would like to hear! 

If you would also like me to read any stories or messages  for someone special, please contact via website, facebook or instagram. 

Hope you enjoy! Xxx


I'm Big Enough Now 

I'm big enough now
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Elephant learns to share...

Elephant learns to share
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