Meet The Team 

Each member of our wonderful team is hardworking and passionate. We each have our own individual interests and together we all keep the shop running!



Hi, I'm Suzie! I am the founder, manager and owner of the shop. I am a healer, and I have trained in Shamanic healing, Reiki and Crystal therapy. I read oracle cards in the shop too! I adore crystals, and all of my lovely customers and friends!




Hi, I'm Robbie! I am Suzie's husband, and co-manager of the shop. The team call me the 'CEO'. You might see me around the shop every so often! I have a background in engineering, and love supporting my wife. 



Hi I'm Sasha! I started working for Suzie in 2017. One of my favourite items that we sell are all the bright and colourful Fairtrade clothes! In my spare time I love to read and perform yoga. 



Hi I'm Kim! I started working with Suzie in 2019 and I am in charge with Social Media.  One of my favourite items that we sell are the Mothers India Fragrance Incense sticks as they are relaxing. In my spare time I enjoy gaming, crafting, cosplay and helping others find their creative flair! 



Hey, I’m Courts and I have been with Suzie since 2019! My favourite items in the shop are the comfy and colourful clothing! I am here to help you find the perfect items you are looking for when you visit! In my spare time I love to read, spend time with nature, and cosplay!



Hi, I’m Jacqui and I’ve just joined the team at Suzie K’s. I’m interested in crystal and energy healing and anything to bring our beings back to unity, peace and balance. My favourite place is the garden, it’s such peaceful, calming energy there, (plus I am very fond of cake and coffee). In my spare time I paint, I like being outside and I am a keen gardener.



Hi I'm Alex! I started working for Suzie in 2021. One of my favourite items that we sell are the crystals as I like to use them for meditation and reading sessions! I am a guest reader for Suzie, and in my spare time I like to go out and explore new places with friends. 



Hi I’m Hannah! I’m a practicing witch and psychic medium. I started working here in 2021, and my favourite thing about the shop is our fantastic selection of crystals. In my spare time I read tarot and oracle cards, as well as being part of a Paranormal Investigation team.



Hi, I'm James. I started working with Suzie in 2021 and I look after the website. My favourite thing we sell in the shop are the crystal cabochons as I really enjoy jewellery making. I also write fiction and love walking in the countryside and beaches.