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Come on baby, light your fire!

Candles for relaxation

Winter is really upon us now! The days are shorter, the nights darker and colder, and it's the perfect time to shut the curtains and get cosy.

If you’re looking to relax more during the long winter evenings, then look no further than the gentle illumination of a candle flame.

Candle light has a calming effect that is great for reducing stress and anxiety and can help achieve a meditative state. The low light is soothing, and because of its associations with sleep and winding down it triggers physical relaxation – which in turn relaxes our minds and helps us emotionally. When we’re more relaxed, we experience benefits in every area – from improved sleep, to feeling happier and being less prone to illness, to experiencing less pain and having more energy with which to enjoy life!

Choose neutral and soft colours for your candles if you’re looking to relax. Get comfortable in the evening – in a favourite chair, or in the bath – light a candle and lie back. Watch the flames dance, breathe slowly through your nose, and feel yourself unwind.

Scented candles are even more effective for creating that perfect calming atmosphere. Scent is a powerful emotive sense. Different aromas remind us very strongly of happy times, or have the power to relax. Natural essential oils are the best scents to use, such as in our Suzie K DIY wax melts, which use natural, safe and biodegradable soy wax - and also make great gifts. Favourite calming aromatherapy scents include lavender, rose, chamomile, vanilla, orange and frankincense, but you may find you respond well to other scents more personal to you, such as those available in our range of Ashleigh and Burwood Scented Home candles. We even have the perfect Bamboo Christmas scented candles in Spiced Apple and Cinnamon, and Winter Pine and Cedarwood to create that perfect cosy festive atmosphere.

You can even light some candles during meditation or yoga for that added relaxation mood boost!

What scent or colour do you find the most calming? Tell us at Twitter, Facebook or Instagram .


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