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It's better to light a candle...

Updated: Feb 6

...than to curse the darkness!

Candle magic is one of the simplest forms of spell work for beginners.

Candles for magic

Candle magic revolves around choosing a goal, setting your intent and then focusing on manifesting your desired outcome.


How to start doing candle magic

To do this, you first need to decide what you want to manifest. This might be something like ‘I want to be more confident.’ You then need to write your intent – in this case ‘I will become more confident’ – down on a piece of paper. You can match your paper or ink colour to your chosen candle colour for a specific working – in this case, you might use red for confidence.

Then you need to choose your candle. You should use a new candle specially for each spell, and because you’ll want it to burn down entirely during the course of the working, a smaller candle (such as the coloured spell candles we sell instore at Suzie K) or tea light is better. You can just use a plain white candle if you prefer, but different colours have traditional associations for specific spells.


Meanings of different coloured candles

  • Red – positive workings, courage, confidence, health, sex, romantic love

  • Pink – friendship, platonic love

  • Green – money, fertility, business

  • Yellow – protection

  • Orange – attraction

  • Brown – nature, animals, earth

  • Black – curses, banishment

  • Purple – power, ambition

  • Dark blue – depression

  • Light blue – health, patience


Dressing your candle and setting your intent

Once you have your candle ready, you need to dress it. This means you link your intent to the candle by oiling it. To do this you can use any natural oil, or a more specialised one for example from our range of Suzie K Magical Oils. To dress a candle, apply a few drops of oil from the ends to the middle of the candle (to draw in positive energies) or from the middle to the ends of the candle (to send away negative energies).

You then light your candle and take your written intent, folding the paper and concentrating on the goal you wish to achieve. Burn the paper in the candle flame until it is alight, then put it in a fire-safe container to burn completely away.

Allow the candle to burn down fully. Once it has burnt all the way, dispose of any remainder away from your home, preferably at a crossroads or in a public bin.

We also carry a full stock of various coloured spell candles – come and visit us instore to see what we have to offer.

What candle colour do you find the most useful in spell work? Tell us at Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.


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