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Shield from negativity with black tourmaline

Need a beautiful shield from negative vibes? We’ll show you how!

Ever feel like life is dragging you down and draining you? Wouldn’t it be great if there was some kind of shield against the negative energy we’re bombarded with every day? Look no further – black tourmaline is your friend, and here’s how it can help.

A range of the black tourmaline jewellery available in the Suzie K shop and on our website

What is black tourmaline?

Black tourmaline is a variety of tourmaline called schorl and is found mostly in Brazil and Africa. It’s the most common form of tourmaline, is a hard stone (7 Mohs) and has a high iron content, which accounts for its glossy dark opacity and its fantastic grounding properties.


What is black tourmaline useful for?

It’s valued for its ability to protect, ground and purify and to repel negative energy. That means that carrying a piece of black tourmaline with you is like putting up an energetic shield that protects you from unwanted external energies or emotions. Good to know if you’re dealing with a difficult colleague or neighbour!

It’s also great for calming anxiety, reducing stress and aiding focus.

Black tourmaline raw point pendant set in silver, available from the Suzie K website


How do I use it to shield from negativity?

As well as carrying black tourmaline with you – in the form of a loose crystal or a piece of jewellery – you can also use it within your home.

Place a piece of black tourmaline near to electronic devices such as your laptop to protect against electromagnetic stress.

You can also put black tourmaline near to your front door, to provide a great protective shield for your home and its occupants. Visualising that protective shield whilst you place the stone will help with repelling any unwanted negative energies.


Where can I get some?

You can shop for black tourmaline – including gorgeous one-off pieces of jewellery – on the Suzie K website here, or we have many more fantastic pieces including pendulums and tumble-stones in our bricks and mortar shop!

As with most crystals, you’ll get the best from your black tourmaline if you cleanse it regularly. Black tourmaline is a hard stone, so placing it under running water for a few minutes shouldn’t damage it (be careful with hard water, rainwater or mineral water though as the mineral content can damage it over time). You can also cleanse your black tourmaline with smoke or with sound to keep it at its optimal performance. Keep your eyes peeled for our next blog post where we'll be talking in more depth about how to cleanse crystals!

Blue singing bowl in front of a salt lamp, both available from Suzie K


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