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Special event - Deva Temple activation

This coming Sunday 22nd January 2023, we are honoured to be hosting a very special, unique event indeed.

The Sisters of Ceridwen

Four members of the Sisters of Ceridwen will be holding a sacred ceremony this Sunday to activate our Deva Temple.

The name Ceridwen is of Welsh origin and means fair (or holy) song (or poetry). In Welsh legend, Ceridwen is a white witch and the goddess of inspiration, poetry and the cauldron of transfiguration.


The sacred ceremony

The ceremony will be held at 2pm - on row level, 2nd floor at Suzie K at the Secret Garden. The Sisters of Ceridwen will be connecting with other Temples using water collected from sacred wells from around the country to bless the temple space, including Chalice Well Glastonbury, Anglesey, Bromborough and Holywell. We will be asking other pop-up temples to light a candle at 2pm and send blessings to the Deva Temple as we hold our ceremony calling in the elements and the Goddess through drumming, singing and prayer.

We are hoping to go live on Facebook with this ceremony, so you can watch it all unfold. Or if you are in Chester, you are welcome to call in and observe the ceremony taking place, no booking required.

The Deva Temple

After the ceremony, the Deva Temple will be taking place on the fourth Sunday of every month, as a sacred space for all people and faiths to contemplate and worship. Hopefully this will grow and offer the opportunity for Sacred Listening, as well as allowing people to light candles from the Perpetual Flame of Avalon.


And don't forget! Our Imbolc ceremony is also coming up...

Our Turn of the Wheel Imbolc event for 2023 is on Sunday January 29th, 2-3.30pm. You can check out Turn of the Wheel dates for 2023 over at our events page – these beautiful celebrations book up very quickly, so be fast if you want to secure a place. Each event is a vibrant celebration of the cycle of the seasons – you can see some highlights from our 2022 Beltane event here.

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