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Super Blue Moon tonight - don't miss it!

A very special celestial event is about to occur. Not only do we have a blue moon coming, it’s a Super Blue Moon – the absolute perfect time for magic!

A Lammas feast set out with bread, cakes and mead


When is the Super Blue Moon happening?

The full moon will be visible between tonight Wednesday August 2023 at around 9pm if you have clear skies, and before dawn tomorrow Thursday August 31st.

Orchard apples


What is a Super Blue Moon?

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘once in a blue moon’ meaning something is rare, but blue moons aren’t actually blue and they’re not that rare, either! It’s not entirely certain where the term ‘blue moon’ originated from, but a likely suggestion is a 16th century saying that ‘as likely as the moon being blue’ meaning something was impossible – this was then adopted for the rare (but not impossible) there being 13 full moons, rather than the usual 12, in a calendar year. This 13th full moon is referred to as a blue moon and happens when the phases of the moon, which take 29.5 days to cycle, line up so that the 13th full moon occurs. This is quite a complicated definition, and so now ‘blue moon’ is also commonly used to describe the second full moon in any month with two full moons in it.

A supermoon happens when the full moon is nearest to Earth, which makes it look far bigger and brighter than it does when it’s at further points away.


How rare is a Blue Moon?

Blue Moons usually occur once every two to three years. The last one before this was on Halloween 2020. The next supermoon after this one will be on 29th September 2024. The next Blue Moon will be on 31st May 2026. And the next Super Blue Moon won’t be until 31st January 2037 – so tonight’s Blue Moon in Aquarius really is a rare one!


How can I celebrate the Super Blue Moon?

This rare and powerful occurrence is the perfect time to do workings, set intentions, and reconnect to yourself and the Earth. The rare nature of the Super Blue Moon means that the energy already there in any full moon is amplified and even more powerful.

Some ideas for Super Blue Moon practices:

  • Create moon water by leaving out water to charge in the moonlight and then utilising it later for rituals and spells.

  • Charge your crystals in the moonlight – raw crystals are especially beautiful for this, being in the natural state as gifted to us by Mother Earth.

  • Take a walk in the moonlight to absorb some of that energy. Meditate, reflect, let go any negative energies and allow yourself to recharge. If you can walk in nature, all the better.

  • Try to reconnect to the planet, your roots, who we are collectively. Spend time observing the moon and considering the importance of it in our lifecycle, its impact on the planet. Step out of your everyday life for a moment and consider the beauty of nature and our environment, and how we can all help each other and the planet and support one another and our world through the scary things happening right now.

  • Set some new intentions – changes that you want to bring into your life that will positively impact you, the planet and those around you. You can write these down under the moon and then either keep it safe, or burn the paper to release your intentions to the universe.

  • Focus on long-term goals that you’d like to see come about before the next Blue Moon. Picture them as if they have already happened and you are grateful for them, as you write them down, for example ‘I am happy that I have a new job that I love’. You can write these down in a journal, or on a piece of paper to be stored or burned.

Lammas pentagram made of twigs and dried orange


Crystals Associated with a Blue Moon

The Super Blue Moon is the perfect time to really supercharge (or cleanse) those crystals, for workings tonight, or in future. Choose stones associated with the moon, or associated with your desired intentions, and put them under the moonlight to charge.

  • Clear Quartz - amplifies the energy of other crystals.

  • Moonstone - connects with the Goddess and powerful femininity.

  • Lapis Lazuli - represents and enables wisdom.

  • Selenite - promotes healing, peace, calm and clarity. Removes negativity and enhances wellbeing.

  • Labradorite - protects against negativity and brings transformation, strength and self-esteem.

  • Celestite - enables inner peace and elevates the spirit.


Free event - Dark Moon Ritual for the Earth

And if you are interested in moon energy, connecting to the Goddess, and contemplating our relationship with the Earth, you can also join free of charge for a monthly ritual of healing on September 14th at 7.30pm – see the Dark Moon Ritual for the Earth Facebook event for details.


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