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Bring nature inside with these absolutely beautiful Driftwood Chimes.


Hand made by small family businesses in Bali, using beach source materials such as driftwood and Capiz glass.


Capiz is a well-known shell that creates an enjoyable sound when blowing in the wind and bashing against another. Many people believe that Wind Chimes protect the surroundings from evil spirits and negative energy.


These Driftwood Chimes are ready to hang and create a gentle, comforting ambiance,  indoors or outdoors. They clink together nicely in the breeze, the sound will bring tranquility to any space.


Size: 20x49 (cm)


Parts: Raffa, Pinewood beads, Driftwood, Coffea canephora

Made in Indonesia


Copi 05

(Copi 05) Driftwood wind chimes - blue and pearl


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