Sun Spirit radiates with bright colours such as yellow, orange and golden tones making this an uplifting and beautiful orgone pendant.  Every gemstone in this pendant is associated with the sun and its magical powers.  Sun Spirit is designed to attract success, abundance, prosperity, generosity, love and joy to whoever wears this pendant.  Sun Spirit will also help to bring trust, faithfulness and bright energy to the wearer.

Sun Spirit orgone pendant includes:

Angel wings, citrine, yellow jasper, amber, yellow topaz, brass shavings, 24K gold leaf, crushed quartz and selenite crystals all set in resin.

OrgonChi Artisan Pendants - Sun Spirit

  • Austrian scientist, Dr Wilhelm Reich, discovered a blue glowing life energy which existed in the atmosphere and in all living organisms.  He called this energy orgone.  He developed an Orgone Accumulator made from sheets of metal and wood.  Since then, people such as Don Croft and Karl Welz have enhanced Reich's designs and created Orgone Generators, which draw in unstable orgone and give out revitalised orgone.  Orgone pendants are based on these designs.  OrgonChi's pendants include resin and metals as well as clear quartz and selenite.  Extra gemstones are added to help increase their effectiveness and to make them look beautiful!