With its beautiful tranquil blues and sparkling silver, OrgonChi's Ocean Bliss orgone pyramid is designed to bring inspiration, creativity, mental clarity, good judgement, confidence and protection from negative thoughts and energies.  It will help to bring inner peace and drive out undesirable emotions such as anger and fear.

Ocean Bliss orgone pyramid includes:

A quartz point wrapped in copper wire, citrine, aquamarine, lapis lazuli, selenite, clear quartz, 999 silver leaf, aluminium shavings, sea salt, little sea shells and a touch of glitter!

OrgonChi Artisan Pyramid Ocean Bliss

  • Austrian scientist, Dr Wilhelm Reich, discovered a blue glowing life energy which existed in the atmosphere and in all living organisms.  He called this energy orgone.  He developed an Orgone Accumulator made from sheets of metal and wood.  Since then, people such as Don Croft and Karl Welz have enhanced Reich's designs and created Orgone Generators, which draw in unstable orgone and give out revitalised orgone.  Orgone pyramids are based on these designs.  OrgonChi's pyramids include resin and metals as well as clear quartz and selenite.  Extra gemstones are added to help increase their effectiveness and to make them look beautiful!

  • OrgonChi’s Ocean Bliss pyramid measures just over 2.5” (6cm) high and approximately 2.25” (5.5cm) along the base edge. The base to the apex measures approximately 2.75” (7cm).