Malachite - Beautiful smooth banded malachite cabochon, set in solid sterling silver.


Mesmerising swirls in this lovely stone!



Malachite is a stone for rejuvenation, alignment, healing, vitality, optimism, positivity, re-awakening, inner strength, living life to the full, contentment, uplifting, appreciation and awareness of Mother Earth, connection with Mother Earth, inner beauty, inner confidence, inner wisdom, self-expression and self-knowing, insight, enlightenment and empathy.

It is good for scrying, and also for drawing out toxins from people, animals, earth and plants and replacing negativity with positivity.

It is good for skin, hair and eyes and also to help alleviate pain, especially arthritis, aching, eye strain and inflammation of the skin.

Malachite resonates especially well with the feminine, and can help balance hormones and awaken or strengthen the feeling of being feminine and empowered.

It can also help those who are healing from their past by reducing overwhelmed feelings and enabling a person to sort and work through their feelings. This support of self-love and contentment also makes it ideal for new beginnings and new relationships.

A very supportive and helpful, life-affirming stone.





Suzie K crystal jewellery is all beautifully handmade and entirely unique.


We work with our supplier who chooses each crystal personally and these are then set individually in 925 sterling silver by an independent family of silversmiths in India.


All crystals are ethically sourced.


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Pendant - malachite and silver