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Beautiful clear quartz point with a silver goddess setting and a carnelian cabochon.


Clear quartz

Clear quartz is one of the most powerful stones and a stone of high, pure energy. This stone can amplify the energy of other stones around it or be used as a substitute for other stones. It is a protector, cleanser of the mind, body and spirit, and wards off negative energies.

It is a great transmitter for meditation, scrying, channelling, gridding and healing and can also help to cleanse other stones of unwanted energies.




Carnelian inspires creativity, initiative, motivation and passion. It gives courage and strength, aids focus, and is good to use for a particular project such as a job interview. It can bring acceptance, especially surrounding the cycle of life and death and the transition to the afterlife. It also helps with fertility and libido and can aid PMT and menopause.


58x10mm including bale


Suzie K crystal jewellery is all beautifully handmade and entirely unique.


We work with our supplier who chooses each crystal personally and these are then set individually in 925 sterling silver by an independent family of silversmiths in India.


All crystals are ethically sourced.


Many more stones and styles available in store!



(111) Pendant - quartz point with goddess and carnelian set in silver


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