Seedball - A simpler way to grow from seed!

The easy way to grow wildflowers to help bees & butterflies.

No digging required.

You don't need to be an expert!

Clay ball & dash of chili protects seeds from birds, ants and slugs.  Simply scatter onto soil in your garden or pot & watch the seeds sprout and grow.


Tin Information

  • Each tin is 64mm diameter x 24mm depth.
  • Store in a cool, dry location.
  • Recommended shelf life is two years from purchase.
  • Each tin weighs between 50 - 60g.
  • Each tin contains 20 seed balls - coverage for 1m squared in a garden or three to five 50 - 80cm pots.
  • Fold out instruction leaflet in tin lid.

Seedball - Urban Meadow Mix

  • Developed in collaboration with River of Flowers (an organisation working to promote urban wildflower corridors), this mix is great for pollinators and will thrive in urban environments.  

    Best scattered in Spring or Autumn.                                            

    • Cornflower (Annual):  Jun-Aug
    • Common toadflax (Perennial):  Jun-Oct
    • Cowslip (Perennial):  Apr-May
    • Meadow cranesbill (Perennial):  Jun-Sep
    • Red campion (Perennial):  Mar-Nov
    • Musk mallow (Perennial):  Jun-Aug
    • Oxeye daisy (Perennial):  May-Sep