Readings & Treatments

We offer a range of holistic treatments and readings at Suzie K.  Our holistic treatments are delivered by qualified professional therapists who are fully insured.  All treatments are carried out adhering to correct health and hygiene practices and all personal information is managed in confidence. 



Suzie carries out readings connecting to the world of Fae through oracle cards and her spirit guides.  The readings can aid individuals in gaining guidance and direction.

Readings last 45 minutes to an hour per session and are £40

Wellness Treatments

During wellness treatments, Suzie utilises a mixture of crystal healing, Reiki, Seichim or Shamanic practice to support people at different stages of life. 

Wellness Treatments are an hour in length and are £40

Crystal Therapy

Suzie is a qualified crystal healer and during these crystal therapy sessions she will work intuitively with crystals to help regulate and rebalance the vibrations in our bodies. 

Crystal Therapy Sessions are an hour in length and cost £40

Reiki Treatment

Suzie is a fully trained Reiki Master. A Reiki session can be deeply relaxing and can help a number of conditions including stress, anxiety and pain. Suzie uses both the energies of Reiki and Seichim to support the individual. 

Reiki Treatments are an hour in length and cost £40

Suzie Kincla

How to Book

To book a Reading or Treatment, simply call us or pop in store!

You can reach us at:

01244 326444 

or our mobile on: 07778 217210. 

Alternatively, drop us a note by email: