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About Suzie K

Suzie Kincla

Suzie Kincla 

Owner, Founder and Manager of Suzie K @ the Secret Garden and Suzie K Crafts. 

Suzie is a healer and has studied Shamanic healing, Crystal therapy, and is a Reiki master. She also reads oracle cards, and runs the shop in Chester.

Purple Flower

Suzie's Story

The story of Suzie K starts with none other than Suzie herself! For most of her life, Suzie was surrounded by shopkeepers. Her mother owned a wool shop and haberdashery, and she had many other family members who owned their own shops. Suzie was no stranger to the world of commerce and customer service.

Despite this, Suzie originally had various careers, all of which aided in making her who she is today. After leaving school Suzie worked helping the unemployed gain work and benefits, and she credits her career beginning here as one of the initiators of her empathic nature. After this she then went on to study hair and beauty, became a teacher, and eventually a management consultant.


However, things took a turn when Suzie was left with not only the loss of her brother, her mother, and her father becoming increasingly in need of care due to his dementia. This led to Suzie taking time out of work... not that this was easy for her - Suzie is not the type of woman who can sit still! And so, she began crafting. Every spare moment she had was spent crocheting, felting, sewing... eventually she had so many crafted items that she did not know what to do with them! A friend recommended she rent a table at a local craft fair. This was the beginning of Suzie K Crafts, a six foot craft table at the odd fair here and there. 

Before she knew it, Suzie was attending various shows and fairs selling her handmade wares. She began selling clothing, and quirky items. It got to the point she had so much stock filling her home that she needed somewhere to shift some of it. The decision then came to rent a market stall for six months, in Ellesmere Port market. When the initial six months were up, no one wanted Suzie's stall to leave! Eight years went by, full of amazing experiences in the market. 

In 2019, Suzie took over a shop at the heart of Chester city centre. This was the birth of Suzie K @ the Secret Garden. Now, the shop boasts three floors of shopping, a secret garden, treatment rooms, and a coffee lounge. 

Suzie credits her loving husband, her friends, and her determination for empowering her to take on the world and going from a six foot table at a craft fair to a street level and row level shop, three floors of shopping, all at the heart of Chester, Cheshire. 

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