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The ancient teachings of Prince Siddharha Gautoma have inspired our mysteriuous artist, Briar, in designing this stunning and meaningful jewellery collection.

Lovingly hand crafted and set with sparkling crystals, these pieces are coming with a chain and are presented in a golden satin gift pouch.


By Eastgate



BD9 – Dharma Wheel - For Perfect Learning

The dharma wheel is precious to all seekers of truth. Its eight spokes represent the eightfold path, as its circle symbolises the perfection of Buddha’s teachings.
Pewter coloured talisman set with a green gem, 1.5x1.5inch, on a waxed black cotton adjustable thong necklace, maximum length 22 inches (can be adjusted). Comes in a golden satin jewellery pouch.

Briar Dharma (BD9) Dharma Wheel - spiritual pendant necklace


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