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10ml Magical Oil in amber glass bottle.


Exclusive to Suzie K!


This range of magickal manifesting and anointing oils is exclusive to Suzie K.

Use these oils to manifest what you want - love, success, luck, money etc. They can be used to empower a place or space and to attract things to you. Focus on your intent for the best results.


Home - to invite positive energies into your home (or place of work, or car) apply oil to door frames, window frames and door handles.


Room spray - add 20 drops of oil to 4 oz of distilled water in a spray bottle, shake to mix, and spray your space.


Tools - to bring positive qualities to your work, apply the relevant manifesting oils to the tools of your trade (computer, till, pens, brushes etc)


Car - for safe travel or luck, apply to the steering wheel and doors.


Working with others - to bring in results you want from others, apply a little oil to an item they will be in contact with, or a gift you are going to give them.


To anoint a candle - Apply 1-4 drops of oil from top to middle candle (to draw in positive energies) or from middle to top of candle (to send away negative energies).


Altar oil - to empower your sacred space, sprinkle drops of oil at the four corners and centre of your altar and call upon your deity to watch over it each time you use it.


All magical oils are made in the UK to traditional recipes with a modern twist.

Magical Oils - 10ml Various Fragrances

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  • Essential Oils must not be used directly on the skin.  They must be used within an oil carrier.  Cats are allergic to a lot of essential oils specifically if used neat rather than diluted.  Never apply any to a cat's skin as they may lick this and ingest it.  Only use well diluted so a couple of drops in a good amount of water on an oil burner.  Check out guidance at for further information.

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