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Eye catching Viking inspired jewellery is crafted and adorned in silver and gold and beautifully embellished with sparkling crystals. Each piece is attractively presented with matching chain and jewellery box. Nordic Lights jewellery celebrates our Celtic and Viking ancestors, remembered for their legendary love of adventure, poetry and art. These unique designs reflect the styles of these ancient tribes of Northern Europe.


By Eastgate


MD11 – Jewels of the Moon - The moon's phases govern the shamanic magic called Seidr, taught to Odin by Norse goddess Freya, which has inspired this charm said to promote clairvoyance and psychic ability.

Statement intricate Celtic knot pendant in pewter coloured metal set with six vivid blue crystal gems.

2x1.5inches. Comes with an 18inch chain and branded gift box.

Nordic Lights (MD11) Jewels of the Moon pendant necklace


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