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Our mythical Greenwood range is so alluring that your customers will want to collect the whole range. Intricate and subtle, the magical power of Nature's ancient forest lore is charmed within each original design.

Each pendant comes with a black thong and green satin pouch.


By Eastgate


GW09 – Elemental Gaia - Peace & Tranquility

The Earth – Gaia – is mother to us all, and She is nature at her most benevolent. Commanding the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water, She will grant peace and tranquillity to those who respect her domain and follow her path.

Intricately detailed pewter-coloured pendant showing the figure of Gaia. 2.5x1.5inches, on a waxed black cotton adjustable thong necklace, maximum length 22 inches (can be adjusted). Comes in a green jewellery pouch.

The Greenwood (GW09) Elemental Gaia pendant necklace


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