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All about wax melts

A safe, pretty and convenient way to scent your home!

We're big fans of wax melts here at Suzie K, but we've realised that not everyone is familiar with them - so here's a quick how-to and why we love them!

Handmade wax melt in blue with glitter and a little wooden door design

What are wax melts?

Wax melts are scented blocks of wax, similar to candles but without a wick. They come in lots of different colours, shapes and designs, from plain white segmented blocks that you can break bits off similar to a bar of chocolate, to the beautiful handmade decorative wax melts that we sell here at Suzie K. They also come in either paraffin or soy wax.


How to use wax melts

To use wax melts you’ll need a warmer or melter – and you’re in luck, because we carry a wide range of beautiful wax melt burners in the shop!

Take your wax melt (you can break off smaller bits depending on how strong and lasting a fragrance you require) and place it into the bowl of your wax melter. Then either light your plain tea-light, or switch your warmer on if it’s an electric one. The heat source will then slowly melt your wax melt, releasing its fragrance. You can turn off your heat source whenever you want and your wax melt will cool and solidify. Then when you want some room fragrance again, you can just relight or switch the heat source back on.

When your wax melt is fully used up, all you need to do is let it cool, then pop the used wax out of the bowl and dispose of it.

Handmade wax melt shaped like a heart in green with red glitter hearts and a silver fairy charm perched on top of a little mushroom house

Why choose wax melts?

It’s a personal preference as to what type of fragrance you prefer for your home – all of them have their own special advantages. But some of the advantages of wax melts are:


  • Soy wax melts (which are the ones we stock at Suzie K) are vegan, natural, clean-burning and free from the chemicals that paraffin wax contains.

  • The fragrance of wax melts is stronger than scented candles, and you can control how strong the fragrance is by melting a bigger or smaller piece of wax

  • Wax melts don’t produce the smoke that incense does, if you are sensitive to smoke

  • They also don’t produce any soot like some candles

  • If you use an electric wax melt heater it avoids having an open flame, especially if you have pets or children around

  • They have a longer burn time than candles or incense, which is great value for money

  • They burn right down, leaving no wick and minimal excess wax, which means less waste and better for the environment

  • You can mix bits of different scented wax melts to make custom fragrances – get creative!

  • They come in some very pretty designs, which make excellent and inexpensive gifts!


Suzie K wax melts

Here at Suzie K we carry a wide range of really pretty custom wax melts to suit every occasion, handmade by a local artist. Check out our seasonal ranges – from Christmas to Halloween to Valentine’s Day – plus more general designs, featuring flower petals, gold leaf and other beautiful additions that ensure that not only do they smell great, but they’re little works of art in their own right! Because they’re so pretty, we think that they make ideal gifts for the scent-lover in your life, especially paired with one of our wax-burners.

We hope you’ll check them out when you’re next in the shop – especially as they’re currently on offer at buy 2, get 1 free.

Handmade wax melt in marbled pink with dried rosebuds, showing how you can break wax melts up to use or mix portions

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